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Corporations and Businesses - Finding Information About Them: Home

Find information about companies (clients or parties in a lawsuit), including statutory agent, financials, past litigation, officers, mergers and other company information.


Whether researching a client, a competitor, a party, or a possible employer, lawyers have many reasons to find out information on a company. 

It is also important to note that depending on what type of company you are dealing with, information may be plentiful (public companies) or much harder to find (private companies).

The Secretary of State's office will have information on many companies, including companies formed in the state and possibly companies doing business in the state.  See the Secretary of State tab of this guide.

How to Find...

This table gives a few hints if you are looking for a particular type of information. It does not list every source where you could possibly get that information. Look at the Databases tab, and other tabs in this guide for more sources.

Need to Find.... Try.....
State of Incorporation

Mergent Online , Bloomberg Law

Statutory Agent, bylaws, articles of incorporation Secretary of State's website or Lexis/Westlaw Secretary of State database.  See Secretary of State tab of this guide.
Officers ReferenceUSA 
Address and Basic Information for Small Private Companies ReferenceUSA 
Financial Statements SEC's Edgar database
Mergers and Company Relationships See company relationships tab of this guide.

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