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Cyber Law applies many areas of law to computers and the online environment, including intellectual property, contracts, freedom of speech, privacy, public access to information, defamation and tort law and jurisdictional issues.

What is Cyber Law?

Cyber Law is "the area of law dealing with the use of computers and the Internet and the exchange of communications and information thereon, including related issues concerning such communications and information as the protection of intellectual property rights, freedom of speech, and public access to information." (citing Webster's New World Law Dictionary).

As stated above, Cyber Law draws from various other legal topics, including contract law, tort law, intellectual property, and privacy law. Frequent issues which arise include jurisdiction, choice of law, sovereignty, and globalization.

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Lexis, BNA

Lexis AdvancePrefilter by Computer and Internet Law. 

BNA: Privacy and Data Security Law Resource Center - contains primary sources (cases, regulations, annotated statutes, agency documents) as well as current awareness, including:


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