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Find out how much a case is worth. Find the law about damages.


To get some idea of what a case is worth, attorneys consult databases of past jury verdicts.

Bodily Injury

Usually a combination of:

Lexis or Westlaw or Casemaker (for Ohio)


the relevant table from the JVR Personal Injury Handbooks - KF1256.A8 P477

will be sufficient to get a good idea of potential verdict amounts. The JVR Personal Injury Handbooks have tables for each bodily injury, showing amounts of medical expenses (specials) and corresponding average verdicts nationwide. Medical expenses are typically a good indicator of the verdict amount.

For patrons who do not have Lexis or Westlaw passwords, Casemaker is available at the public terminals and print or free Internet sources may be used. 

Non-Bodily Injury
Suggested sources:

Employment Discrimination Verdicts & Settlements (BNA)

LexisAdvanced or Lexis Verdict and Settlement Analyzer 

WestlawNext - Click on Jury Verdicts and Settlements (Under the All Content tab), and at the bottom is a list of topics, such as labor and employment, environmental law, etc.

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