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Land Use, Planning and Zoning Law Resource Guide: Home

Find books, articles, statutes, case law and news on land use planning and zoning law. Covers specific topics: adult businesses, environmental issues, urban planning, affordable housing and eminent domain.

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This free web resource provides an overview of land use and zoning law:

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Besides zoning and planning materials, you may want to look at materials dealing with property law in general, environmental law, fair housing, as well as municipal and local government law.  See these related guides:   Property Law Resource Guide, Environmental Law Resource Guide, Ohio Local Government Law Resource Guide.

Zoning codes are typically established by municipal or township ordinances.  State and federal statutes and regulations affect planning and land use (eg, environmental statutes and regulations and eminent domain statutes).  Regulations, both federal and state, provide more detail to land use related statutes.  Constitutional provisions also come into play, such as substantive and procedural due process, equal protection, and first amendment rights.  Court cases and administrative decisions interpret ordinances, statutes, regulations and constitutional provisions.  

Looking for a paper topic?  See the Current Awareness section of this guide to discover hot issues in planning and zoning.

zoning map, Beach Haven, NJ

Photo: Zoning map, Beach Haven, NJ

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