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Ohio Constitution - Law and History: Home

Sources for researching the Ohio Constitution, including new and current versions of the Ohio Constitution, constitutional conventions, information on proposed and passed amendments, Ohio Supreme Court cases, a bibliography and more.

About this Site

This site was created by Professor Steven H. Steinglass  and Sue Altmeyer, Digital Content Librarian, and is now maintained by Sue Altmeyer.  We are continually adding documents and information to this site. It is truly a work in progress. We encourage you to contact us with any additions, comments or corrections to this web site. Your comments can help us realize our goal of creating a useful repository of information on the Ohio Constitution and its history. 

Professor Emeritus/Dean Emeritus Steinglass is now working as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, but this site is not an official site of the Commission.

This site includes:

Newer and older versions of the Ohio Constitution

A historical table of proposed amendments (ballot issues)

Ohio Supreme Court cases dealing with Ohio Constitutional law issues


& more - be sure to see the tabs at the top to access more pages in this guide.


Current Status of the Ohio Constitution

Introduction to the Ohio Constitution

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